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Event Staffing Agency

We offer event staffing services in the biggest UK cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester as well as small towns and villages. We also offer staffing services globally, specializing in PR stunts, celebrity campaigns, awards shows, sports events, immersive experiences, experiential campaigns, conferences, expos, tradeshows, trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars, team building days, weddings, birthdays, seasonal events, proms and more. With our expertise, we provide top-notch staff for any occasion. Trust us for the best event staffing in the industry.

Brand Ambassadors

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Our brand ambassadors undergo thorough training to master brands and products, ensuring authentic representation. This prepares them as confident, adaptable communicators for public engagements. Their expertise and familiarity create positive consumer experiences, promoting client products effectively. Their dedication and skill are vital to our success, distinguishing them as knowledgeable representatives. Their commitment ensures effective messaging and enhances consumer experiences. With confidence in public interactions, they showcase client offerings effectively. They embody our commitment to professionalism and brand promotion.

Hosts and Hostesses

Our hosts and hostesses are versatile, adept at managing various event tasks. From exhibitions to red carpet affairs, they excel in meeting, greeting, and beverage service. Their adaptability ensures smooth event operation and enhances guest experiences. Whether it's a glamorous red carpet or a conference, they bring professionalism and poise. Their presence adds class and efficiency, ensuring guests feel cared for. From coat checks to beverage service, they create memorable events for clients and guests.

Registeration Staff

Our registration staff ensures smooth operations at exhibitions and conferences, typing passes for guests. Their attention to detail shines as they check names off and distribute passes, streamlining the process. With our staff, your event runs smoothly, alleviating stress. They ensure guests receive passes and a warm welcome, setting the stage for success.

Scanning Staff

Our scanning staff ensure smooth entry and security at events by greeting attendees and scanning passes. Their welcoming approach enhances guest experience and establishes order. They also monitor exits, maintaining accurate records of attendees. For organizers, safety is crucial, and scanning staff contribute by managing access and tracking movements. Their vigilance enhances logistics and provides vital attendee information, ensuring a secure environment.

Directional Staff

Our directional staff ensure a seamless experience at exhibitions and conferences, guiding attendees and staff through venues. They offer valuable information and precise directions, minimizing disruptions. Their presence guarantees smooth operations and enhances the overall event experience. By providing clear guidance, they contribute to the event's success, ensuring everyone is in the right place at the right time, making it memorable and well-organized.

Theatre Management Staff

Our theatre management staff enhances events, going beyond pass scanning to warmly greet attendees. They coordinate Q&A sessions with precision, ensuring smooth interaction. They also cater to the comfort of moderators, speakers, and hosts, providing necessary support. This holistic approach contributes to the success of theater and live performances, creating a seamless experience for attendees and supporting those on stage.

Promotional Model Staff

Our promotional model staff are versatile and dynamic, adept at various event roles from showcasing fashion to distributing samples. They embody professionalism and brand engagement, leaving lasting impressions at events. Their ability to engage with the audience effectively promotes products and services. Promotional models excel in high-energy environments like PR stunts and sporting events, adding glamour and excitement. Their adaptability and dedication make them invaluable assets, ensuring brand messages resonate with the audience across diverse events.

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Grid Girl Staff

Our grid girl staff bring glamour and professionalism to top-tier sporting events like Formula 1. They add captivating presence on the grid before races. Comfortable in various outfits, they adapt seamlessly to the racing environment. We offer comprehensive services including outfit design and competitive rates for our grid girl staff. With their elegance and sophistication, they enhance the event's success and memorability.

Meet and Greet Staff

Our meet and greet staff are the front line at events, ensuring positive first impressions with helpfulness and professionalism. They create an approachable atmosphere, assisting attendees and answering questions. This friendly demeanor ensures attendees leave with a favorable and memorable impression of your event or brand.

Leafletting Staff

Our leafletting staff are crucial for successful distribution campaigns, covering various public and private locations, including door-to-door drops. They promote products, services, and public messages effectively. Their commitment ensures the message reaches the right audience, fostering engagement and interest.

Hospitality Staff

Our hospitality staff are a versatile team, covering various event needs from cocktail service to catering. They bring sophistication and professionalism, ensuring guests are well taken care of. Their expertise spans exhibitions, corporate events, festivals, and more. From crafting cocktails to providing seamless catering, they elevate guest experiences, making events memorable and successful.

Sales Staff

Our sales staff bring extensive experience and a diverse skill set, making them adaptable in selling various products and services. They excel at discerning quality leads swiftly, approaching customers directly, and effectively pitching products. They also serve as effective ice breakers, creating a warm atmosphere and initiating conversations with potential leads. Their role is integral in generating interest and laying the foundation for turning leads into loyal customers. With their talents, adaptability, and expertise, our sales staff contribute to successful sales strategies and drive business growth.

Lead Generation Staff

Our lead generation staff understand the importance of precision in targeting the right people at the right times and locations to acquire high-quality leads. They excel at discerning genuinely interested potential customers, ensuring valuable leads. Equipped with tools for efficient data collection, they adapt to campaign needs, utilizing clipboards or modern technology like tablets. Their dedication to precision and delivering results is crucial for building the foundation for business growth and success.

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Data Capture Staff

Our data capture staff understand the crucial role they play in gathering people's contact details, which serve as a cornerstone for marketing initiatives. Companies offer enticing rewards like free gifts or entry into prize draws to incentivize information sharing. In the digital age, data is a valuable asset, enabling effective engagement with target audiences. Our staff contribute to marketing campaign success by securely collecting contact details, enhancing customer engagement, and boosting business growth. Their commitment to respectful data collection builds trust between companies and their audience, creating a win-win situation.

Sampling Staff

Our sampling staff cover various public spaces, offering free product samples indoors and outdoors, including stores. This dynamic approach ensures companies reach their target audience directly, fostering interaction and engagement. Sampling is an effective method for market research, providing valuable data and feedback for marketing strategies and product development. Our staff play an integral role in bridging the gap between businesses and the public, contributing to valuable market research initiatives.

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Demonstration Staff

Our demonstration staff are vital to successful exhibitions and campaigns, showcasing products and offering interactive experiences. They cover a diverse range, from technology to toys in department stores. Their hands-on approach and clear explanations generate interest and help customers visualize product value. Whether it's tech gadgets or toys, they illustrate unique selling points, making a strong impression on the target audience. By bridging the gap between product and consumer, they turn onlookers into satisfied customers.

Cloak Room Staff

Our Cloak Room staff are indispensable at events, from exhibitions to theatrical shows. They manage belongings with precision and care, ensuring attendees have a seamless experience. Whether it's a business meeting or a trade show, they provide exceptional service, maintaining order and security. With their reliability, event organizers can trust our staff to enhance the guest experience and ensure smooth operations.

PR Stunt Staff

Our PR stunt staff are seasoned professionals who shine in high-traffic locations, from shopping centers to train stations. They create memorable moments with creative stunts, engaging the public with dramatic flair. PR stunts are a clever way to break through advertising noise, fostering genuine connections between companies and customers. With creativity and skill, our staff ensure these campaigns are effective and memorable, leaving a lasting impression. By pushing marketing boundaries and sparking excitement, they help companies stand out in today's competitive marketplace.

Guerrilla Marketing Staff

Our guerrilla marketing staff craft immersive campaigns that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. In a competitive landscape, guerrilla tactics offer innovative ways to attract potential customers. These experiential campaigns immerse audiences in brand-related experiences, from pop-up events to creative stunts. By breaking free from the ordinary, guerrilla marketing helps companies stand out, drawing customers with unique experiences. Our team's innovative thinking ensures these campaigns are not just effective but also memorable, forging deep connections between brands and their audience.

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Costume Character Staff

Our costume character staff bring fun and excitement to events year-round. From holiday celebrations to exhibitions and promotions, they engage audiences with joy and whimsy. Whether as cupid for Valentine's Day or mascots at trade shows, they create a festive atmosphere and entertain crowds. Their versatility extends to promotional campaigns, where they attract attention and generate buzz. More than performers, they are experience-makers, leaving a lasting and positive impact on attendees. Their adaptability and enthusiasm ensure unforgettable experiences at any event or marketing campaign.

Bilingual Hostess Staff

Our bilingual hostesses possess a remarkable array of linguistic skills, spanning numerous languages from English, French, and Spanish to specialized dialects like Arabic and Mandarin Chinese. They provide invaluable support to events requiring multilingualism, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. At international conferences and multicultural gatherings, they break down language barriers, fostering understanding and inclusivity. Their fluency enhances the event experience and demonstrates a commitment to accessibility for diverse linguistic backgrounds in our interconnected world.

Goodie Bag Staff

Our goodie bag staff expertly curate and distribute packages at various events, enhancing attendee engagement. They handle all aspects of preparation, ensuring seamless distribution. These bags go beyond tokens of appreciation, fostering relationships and leaving a memorable impression. By providing value and personal touch, they attract new customers and reflect brand commitment. Our staff excel at this balance, ensuring these gestures lead to valuable connections for your business.

Entertainment Staff

Our entertainment staff can bring excitement to any event, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. They elevate corporate events and exhibitions, ensuring engagement for all attendees. With diverse talents like showgirls, DJs, and magicians, they tailor performances to suit any occasion. From festive backdrops to corporate energy, they exceed expectations, leaving lasting impressions. Our entertainment staff brings excitement to any event, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. They elevate corporate events and exhibitions, ensuring engagement for all attendees. With diverse talents like showgirls, DJs, and magicians, they tailor performances to suit any occasion. From festive backdrops to corporate energy, they exceed expectations, leaving lasting impressions.

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Mixologist Staff

Our mixologist staff, who are highly trained and sought-after, elevate events with their cocktail expertise. They shine at exclusive gatherings like wrap-up drinks and various celebrations. Beyond exhibitions, they excel at corporate events, weddings, and celebrity after-parties. With their artistry and precision, they craft delicious and visually stunning cocktails. Their presence ensures top-notch libations, enhancing the event experience. From corporate affairs to star-studded parties, our mixologists consistently deliver sophistication and enjoyment.

I had the pleasure of working with Lux Events Agencies  Scanning Staff at our recent exhibition, and I can't emphasize enough how pivotal they were to the event's success. Their role went far beyond merely scanning passes; they played a fundamental part in creating a secure and welcoming environment for all attendees. Their warm meet and greet as attendees entered the event set a positive tone, and their meticulous pass scanning ensured smooth entry and exit.

Robert Walsh, Event Organiser (Utilities Industry)

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